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Barefoot Park

Feel with your senses and feet on a total distance of 2.4km the special charm of wood, stones, bark mulch, grass, clay and water - cold, warm, damp, dry, pleasant, stimulating and invigorating. Do something for your health and strengthen your vitality according to Kneipp principles. Strip off your shoes and do what our ancestors have always done. Go barefoot!

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Indoor swimming pool
Panoramabad Freudenstadt

From water fun and bathing pleasures to sliding pleasure, the transitions are fluid in the Panorama-Bad Freudenstadt – exciting, refreshing, cool and versatile for families, young people and seniors, holidaymakers and guests from nearby regions such as the Black Forest, Baden, Swabian Alb, Greater Stuttgart or Alsace – all year round.

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Market square

The lively centre and landmark of Freudenstadt is Germany's largest converted market square. Known far beyond the region, it attracts onlooker tourists to Freudenstadt every year.

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National Park Centre

The Ruhestein, located at an altitude of around 900 metres, is the ideal starting point for a first exploration of the Black Forest National Park: In the old and soon to be operational new National Park Centre, the staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the protected area and for tour tips.

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Treetop path
Bad Wildbad

Located on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad, the treetop path conveys unique views and experiences. Get to know this unique forest landscape and its life forms from a completely new perspective.

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